It’s Good to be Clean

Ruby Ryder shares stainless steel chastity cage with lock for chastity play

Masturbation Month 2024 #29 (Link to Part One)

Cleaning day! What the actual fuck, thought Frank. Sure, he could see the point behind it, and honestly wasn't well-versed on how often a chastity cage needed to be removed to ensure good hygiene. Part of him was glad Cynthia did the research. Of course it was good to be clean. The other part of him was a little peeved that she hadn't told him about it ahead of time. It wouldn't have changed anything. The cage on his cock had become a part of life. Not like he didn't care about it. More like he'd just accepted it. Taking the cage off before the end of the full week felt scary for some reason. His fear wasn't logical. There was little that could go wrong, besides having difficulty getting it back on again.

All those thoughts twirled around in Frank's head for just a moment. But Cynthia didn't give him any time to consider further. She hopped up off the couch and started off down the hall to the bathroom.

"Come on, Frank." She didn't look back to see if he was coming. He could see her unclasping her neck chain to get the key. His cock twitched and he felt that fear again. How was this going to work? Both still naked, maybe they'd just jump in the shower. Wait, was she going to help? That might work against him in the getting his cock back it the cage department.

Cynthia sat down on the edge of the tub, holding the key in her fingers, and beckoned to Frank. He stepped up to her and without any fanfare, she unlocked the small padlock that had denied freedom to his cock for the last 6 days. She removed the cage, carefully sliding his balls out.

The sudden freedom felt strange in a way he couldn't put words to.

"Any soreness from the cage?" She queried.

Frank felt around his balls and cock, checking. Just one spot was a little sensitive.

"Only one spot, on this side." He showed Cynthia where the sore spot was. She lifted his balls and pulled them over to the side a bit to get a better look. Frank jumped at her touch, and she giggled.

"It's a tiny bit red but doesn't look serious. Okay, into the shower with you. You clean your cock and I'll clean the cage. No funny business in the shower, okay?" Frank laughed. He had no intention of going down that road. It was impossible to pull off because their shower had glass walls. Cynthia had full view of him while she cleaned the cage.

"Yes, Ma'am."

Just a quick soap and rinse. Let's stay calm, he told his cock.

The warm water felt so good on his cock! As he soaped everything up, what he feared would happen indeed began to happen. He started to get hard. He rinsed off quickly and stepped out of the shower.

Presently, Cynthia looked at his erection with raised eyebrows as she scrubbed his cage in the sink.

"Hey, this guy has a mind of his own. Not much I can do about it." Frank offered, shrugging.

He dried off with a towel and kept telling his cock to calm the fuck down. But there stood naked Cynthia, sexy as always, even with a toothbrush cleaning a chastity cage. His cock wasn't listening.

Cynthia finished cleaning the cage and dried it off as well as she could.

"Okay, slut boy, back in the cage!" She sat on the edge of the tub again, ready to lock him up again, but Frank's cock was having none of it. Reveling in its freedom, his hard cock waved in front of Cynthia's face. This presented a problem because Frank was a grower and fitting him back into the cage with an erection was a non-starter.

"I'm sorry, Ma'am. He's not listening to me, now that he's had a taste of freedom."

"When did he ever!?" Cynthia laughed.

"So. I'm going to let you choose, Frank. You get to choose how we are going to convince your buddy there to go back in his cage. Although I am feeling like a sadistic tease today, I will not do all the things running through my mind in this moment that would make it infinitely harder to put the cage back on. Just needed you to know that, babe." She laughed.

"Thank you for that, Ma'am. Let me think for a moment." He considered his options and chose the one he was certain would work.

With this in mind, Frank posed a question.

"May I go get something?"

"Of course, just come right back. No jerking off in the closet, Frank!" She chided him.

"I would never! Nowhere to put the come!" He laughed and then trotted off to the closet, where he grabbed the riding crop. Upon his return, he kneeled and presented it to Cynthia with both hands upturned.

Frank hated CBT. A little smack on his cock occasionally was all fun and games, but anything more took away his desire immediately. Especially any smacking of his balls. Pulling on them was wonderful but hitting them sucked. Consequently, as much as he hated it, CBT was the best choice because it was guaranteed to work. Besides, he knew Cynthia would enjoy it. He could take it, and would take it, for her.

"CBT, please, Ma'am." He requested quietly.

Cynthia put down the cage, took the crop, and grinned wickedly.

"Are you sure?" She knew how much he hated CBT.

"I am, Ma'am." Straightaway, Frank rose to his feet, hands clasped behind his back and legs spread for balance, presenting himself to Cynthia.

The first stroke hit Frank on the shaft, and he gasped. It was harder than expected, but clearly that was the point. The second was on the head of his cock and he yelled when it hit.

"Ahhh! Fuck, that hurts!" Cynthia smiled and nodded. Sure enough, his buddy began to retreat.

Then Cynthia took careful aim and hit Frank's right ball just hard enough so that he did not fall to his knees, but still hard enough to continue his cock's retreat. They she did the same with his left ball. Equality was important. She enjoyed Frank's yells of pain.

"Enough?" Cynthia asked. His soft cock would have fit back in the cage, but Frank knew as soon as she put her hands on his equipment, he'd get hard again. So, he reluctantly asked for a little insurance.

"Three more, please Ma'am. Just on my cock, if you would." Fuck. The world had turned upside-down. He was asking for CBT. What the fuck.

"Hold it in your hand. Put your hand underneath it so I don't catch your balls."

He did as he was told and again felt the wrongness of the situation. Cynthia never punished his cock and balls because she knew how much he hated it. Chastity had turned everything around, and he loved a lot of it, but did not love this part. He held his cock out to her and closed his eyes.

Three strokes later, each accompanied by an angry scream from Frank, Cynthia locked Frank up again. She could tell from his watery eyes how difficult it was for him. Taking his hand, she led him to the bed, and they laid down together. She wordlessly pointed to Frank and then to her chest. He put his head on her soft breasts, and then she wrapped her arms around him.

"You are such a good boy, Frank." Cynthia stroked his hair and kissed the top of his head.

"Rest for a while. We'll have dinner soon." Cynthia's voice was soothing.

Asking for CBT with the crop had worked perfectly. He hated every moment of it. Yet he felt proud, so very proud. He was her good boy, and it was good to be clean. Two more days. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

They snuggled and fell asleep together, resting before the evening activities.

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  1. It’s wonderful to have Cynthia comfort Frank after locking him back up, complimenting him on bearing the pain of CBT. That kind of intimacy is what makes a D/s dynamic so special!

    Not that I want Frank to suffer more than necessary, but wouldn’t unlocking, cleaning and then caging him make for a nice daily routine? Crushing his balls in the palm of her hand just enough to have him lose his erection is another good way of making him fit into his cage!

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