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Masturbation Month #24

Happy Masturbation Month!! To please, provoke, and pamper…I offer audio erotic short stories for you.One every day, all month long, in celebration of self-pleasuring! His First Time Enjoy! To the Hilt,Ruby

10 Years!!!

TODAY – May 11, 2020 – I have the pleasure of marking 10 years of work at PeggingParadise.com! I recognize 10 years of intense conversation, in-depth education, and unrestrained celebration of asses, prostates, dildos, harnesses, and the intrepid explorers who choose to play with them! Thank you all for your support. I could not have …

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When Dick Pics Are Awesome

I wake up in the morning, stretch, check my phone, and there it is. His text. A very short one; literally 2 characters. An eggplant, and a question mark. I giggle and sent a text back. You have blanket permission to send dick pics, my dear. We are new to each other, still exploring and …

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Ordering Thai Food #CovidLife

Thought process and experience tonight around ordering takeout food. Household pod really craving Thai food. We have not ordered takeout since being on lockdown; feels risky. But…been a tough day for us all; we want a treat. But the person preparing the food could have the virus… Weighing the risks…The virus hasn’t hit here hard …

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Podcast #258

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #258 Ruby’s News He wants pegging, Betty’s not sure He’s worried about his love of receptive anal He wonders how much women who like pegging enjoy PIV? He seeks breast forms for his cross-dressing He LOVES his Njoy Purewand Andrew raves about the Gangbang content, and gets me to read …

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Podcast #257

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #257 Patron/Donation update Ruby’s coming to London! Incorrect assumptions about his sexual orientation bother him He asks where to find a woman to explore pegging with? He’s having problems with insertion over a couple of inches He shares about Military Suicides and Men’s Mental Health His story about being a …

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Tell Them You Love Them

No podcast this week. Sad news in my world. My brother-in-law passed away a few days ago. Quite unexpectedly. I am with my sister, helping her with all the things that need doing when someone leaves this life. Paperwork, phone calls, emotional support, sorting through his belongings. They traveled the world together and shared so …

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Podcast #248

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #248 Movember donations Movember podcasts Patron/donation update Upcoming Webinars November 16th January ‘Where Can I Find a Woman to Peg Me?’ Webinar Announcing CROSSDRESSING and BISEXUALITY podcasts in January Missing libido guy has good news! His pleasure is in directly proportion to the noise he makes He’s inspired by the …

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Ruby’s Boobs! A Celebration.

Ruby's Boobs

Ruby’s Boobs! For your pleasure and perusal. I’m celebrating, by doing something I have never done; putting up a naked pic of myself on the internet! Got shut down by my host for using 112% of the ‘shared’ server that I was supposed to only have 25% of. (Heh Heh. Kinda proud of all that …

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Podcast #240 Ruby’s Coming Out

Podcast #240 – Ruby’s Coming Out Facts About SESTA/FOSTA What Inspired Ruby What she did with that inspiration Yes, it’s true Decriminalization vs Swedish/Nordic Model Become and Ally! Articles and Information “SESTA/FOSTA is turning the web into a G-rated minefield. Here’s how to destroy it.” By Daniel Villarreal for LGBTQ Nation Remaking Manhood – Mark …

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