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Podcast #239

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #239 Patron Update Masturbation Month Update Ruby Productivity Update He wants his GF to fuck him. Help? He wants to crossdress, she’s not thrilled, advice? He’s looking for photos of positions? Pegging Celebration Time His story, from solo play to awesome pegging to panties and more! He’s blossomed into a …

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Day 17 – Nurse Letty

Rob wasn’t happy when Doc told him he needed a tonsillectomy. One too many cases of strep throat apparently. He decided to schedule the surgery when his girl, Letty, was on spring break from school, so she could take care of him. Doc said it would be a couple of weeks recovery time. Spending a …

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His New Job

Life was good, until he was laid off, and things changed completely, in a way he never could have anticipated. She gave him the chance to live out one of his long-time fantasies, in a manner more real than he ever dreamed.
2400 words
chastity, orgasm denial, orgasm control, D/s, pegging, sensual pegging, role reversal

Day 20 Orgasm 24

♥ They weren’t newcomers to pegging. They’d done it a handful of times, enough for her to get good at it. He loved it. They both did, but he was still adjusting to the role reversal. After the last time, they talked a bit about how that was a struggle for him because he was …

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Podcast #131 – Crossdressing!

Pegging Paradise Podcast #131 Crossdressing ❤ His Aunt Linda trained him from the start! ❤ It started with a dream and now he wears panties and pantyhose every day! ❤ Joanne’s crossdressing is an “all or nothing” experience – and she has her own room! ❤ He looks forward to combining pegging and crossdressing, and …

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Podcast #85

Pegging Paradise Podcast #85 ❤ Masturbation Month continues…❤ A Memorial Day thank you to all the soldiers❤ He wants to try role reversal, she doesn’t.❤ First letter from a lesbian (!) pegger!❤ The curve of the dildo…❤ He wants her to have pleasure, too! Equipment questions.❤ Where’s the harness that has plugs for her vagina and ass, too?❤ He felt discomfort afterwards. …

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Day 12 Orgasm 14

  I do love the young men. Their eagerness to experience new things, to submerse themselves in an erotic adventure (that would be me). I love their willingness to please and their gratitude that they have found someone to play with who not only accepts their desires but shares them and can fulfill them (that …

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Role Reversal

Can a pink pair of panties play a part in the transition from always being in control in the bedroom to giving it all up? Zach’s doing the swing of the pendulum with Ruby, and it’s messing with his head. It’s all because of the panties.
feminization, role reversal, D/s, panties!
2100 words

I Feel Like a Guy

Right now, I feel like a guy. Or at least what I think a guy feels like. That unsatisfied longing of wanting to fuck someone and not being able to. That tightness in my loins (yes, women have loins, too). It is a pleasant ache…a reminder of what I want but I cannot have. I …

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Expectations can be a tricky thing. In fact sometimes you don’t know how many expectations you have until things happen that flip your usual reality on it’s head. When this man walks in the door after work, everything is different, and that’s a good thing.
sensual pegging, suits, kitchen table, silk, role reversal
1800 words

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