Apr 29 2014

Podcast #83




 Pegging Paradise Podcast #83

❤ Wonderful night of pegging
❤ He found a new use for the Liberator Axis, and shared his video...bravely!
❤ Phone auto-correct humor
❤ Percentage of men vs. women into pegging?
❤ He wants to know where he can find a woman to peg him, and how to bring it up to a SO.
❤ He's got equipment questions.
❤ Spare Parts Theo vs Joque?
❤ Podcast #81 guy has great success with my advice - practically hands free orgasm!
❤ Craigslist wildness and numbers!
❤  How can his wife get off, too?
❤ Celebration time for the truck drivers, cops, soldiers, firefighter, construction workers, security guards, professional athletes and all the other masculine careers! Congratulations on exploring your sexuality despite the pressures and constrictions of society and your job! I salute you.


Liberator Axis
Convincing Her to Try It
I Need a Woman to Peg Me!
The Case for a Pro
He Went to a Pro
To the Pro Again


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