Podcast #36


Pegging Paradise Podcast #36

❤ Female Condom reduces mess for IBS peggee and they are shopping for a double

❤ She's 25, loves pegging and is looking for a like-minded man who is sexually open and wants a relationship. I'll just step out of the way of the stampede...  Seriously, where should she look? (I share her frustrations.)

❤ Pegging Celebration Time!

❤ The vacation sun, fun and frozen drinks of Mexico loosen his tongue and he finally tells his wife what he wants... She's totally down with it!

❤ Not quite pegging, but a totally fun and unexpected anal play adventure with some sizable toys that she handles just right!

❤ SheVibe is taken off the Good retail toy store list - I read my exchange with one of the owners.

❤ Ruby’s interview adventure continues...delightfully.

❤ BIL conference 2013 Ruby will be on the Main Stage!! Thanks for your votes. Link to registration and discount code below - come see me there!



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  1. Nice podcast Ruby.

    Its so nice to hear a woman (25) is realistic about a relationship, but sexually passionate and open-minded. I take it she’s not in Australia 😉

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