Podcast #163


Pegging Paradise Podcast #163

❤ Patreon tells me - no porn, please!
❤ New Forum Video Clip Links!
❤ They are so, so close to pegging. Best position for anal foreplay?
❤ (More) Ideas of where to hide toys with nosy roommates
❤ Boyfriend has a fetish for Transwomen - she's upset...
❤ He wonders - is FetLife a good place to find women into peging?
❤ BJs and prostate massages rock, but he wonders how to get to pegging?
❤ She doesn't want sex. He wants sex and pegging. Enter the Mistress.


Liberator Ramp Sex Cushion
Blush Novelties Ergo Mini
Fuze Harmony
We-Vibe Tango Mini Vibe
Aslan Leather Minx Harness

Totally Hot Pegging Clip
Forum - Sensual Pegging Clips
Forum - Kinky Pegging Clips
Couples Newbie Ass Play
Take it Slow
Newbie Solo Ass Play
Diversion Safes to Hide Toys
Looking For a Woman to Peg Me Articles
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Choosing Your Equipment - Podcast #102


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