Podcast #265

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #265

  • Response to Manly Man's Man letter (podcast #264)
  • Listener offers review of two toys!! (Godemiche Adam & Strap-On-Me Vibrating Double)
  • He shares about pegging, with & without a prostate
  • She feels betrayed by his lack of honesty about his butt plug
  • He's having difficulty transitioning from 1.25" to 1.5" diameter - hints?
  • He needs good positions for large height discrepancy couples
  • He shares - Fucked by a Girl Cock
  • Pegging Celebration Time!
  • The Kiwis test the waters!!!
  • From finding my podcasts to his wife buying equipment!
  • He shares info about chastity and a healthy prostate
  • He conquered his fear and now adores pegging!
  • Anal Slut asks how to find random women to fuck him...



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