Bodacious Tatas for Movember!

Bodacious Tatas for the win!

I promised to share photos of The Girls if I reached my fundraising goal. I did indeed, thanks to you generous donors! Thank you from the bottom, top and entirety of my heart.

Bodacious Tatas for you!

What Movember Does With the Money

If you are interested in what Movember Foundation does, why I am so passionate about supporting it, and what the monies from this fundraiser will enable them to do, click here.

The Movember Foundation started out focusing on raising awareness around men's prostate cancer and testicular cancer, and then expanded into men's health in general, as well an men's mental health. Those last two areas of emphasis intersect pretty solidly in the whole Man Box phenomenon. Movember is teaching men to take care of their health, go to the doctor when they need to instead of 'toughing it out'. Movember is also teaching men to form closer bonds with others instead of isolating like the man box teaches. It's not weak to need help - it is courageous to admit it and ask for it!

Movember's mental health goal is to reduce male suicides. For those of you who didn't know, 75% of suicides are men. Clearly there is much room for improvement in the current definition of masculinity. I admire them for developing innovative programs and working with many other organizations to work towards this change.

The Movember website contains many stories from men around the world, and more information about the programs they fund and the work they are doing. It's a cool place to spend some time.

I've Done this Before...

The Tata/Fundraising challenge thing. And if you are interested in viewing my Bodacious Tata pics from 2 years ago, when I hit my $1K goal, Click Here!

Thanks to everyone for your support. You donors have helped men everywhere lead healthier, happier, and longer lives!

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