Doing the Dishes and More

Masturbation Month 2022 #4 (Link to Part One)

Doing the dishes felt the same as eating dinner; something he just needed to get through to finally get to the main event.

So as Frank cleaned out in the shower, he silently rejoiced that he would soon get fucked. It had been way too long since he'd felt Cynthia slide deep inside him. When he thought about that, his cock swelled. The cage still felt good. The control it had over his cock was kind of intoxicating. In a way it felt like a hand was constantly holding his cock in a firm grip. He loved it.

Frank headed to the kitchen, still naked, to fetch the apron. Tying it on, he marveled at the softness of the fabric. Feeling it brush against his ass cheeks was doing nothing to calm down his cock. But right now, he didn't want to calm it down. Even if the cage was feeling just a little painful with his excitement, it added to the whole experience.

Suddenly, the scent of cigar surprised him.

While Frank had showered, Cynthia was on the back patio enjoying a smoke along with her wine. Her feet were up on the chair across from her. Though she hadn't asked him to, Frank stepped up to the open door and presented himself before starting to clean the kitchen. He felt a little awkward, but sexy. In addition, he was surprised at how pretty he felt wearing the apron.

Cynthia set her cigar down in the ashtray and smiled at Frank.

"Well don't you look sweet! Lift up that apron and show me your cage, pretty boy."

Frank lifted the hem and displayed his locked up cock. It was a happy cock, pressed up against its cage. Cynthia stood up and went over to Frank standing there just inside the door. He hadn't come any further just in case the neighbors were being nosey. She pressed up close to him and kissed him, tasting of wine and cigar.

Certainly, it was time to start the teasing. So one hand grabbed Frank's ass and the other went under his apron, pushed the cage aside a bit and grabbed his balls, tugging on them. Frank groaned through their kiss. Then her hand on his ass slipped between Frank's ass cheeks, where her finger found his sweet hole and tapped on it, as a reminder of what was to come.

Then suddenly she released him, leaving him breathless, and returned to her chair, picking up her wine and cigar. Damn. Now came the doing the dishes part.

"Go clean the kitchen, Frank."

"Yes, Ma'am," he replied, and disappeared inside the house. Cynthia laughed low in her throat, delighted at the way things were progressing.

Cleaning the kitchen was a whirlwind of hurriedness. Doing the dishes, wiping the counters, and putting the leftovers away; all were handled as efficiently and quickly as possible. Still, Frank was careful to pay attention to detail before he asked for Cynthia's inspection. He wanted no delays; his fucking was imminent.

Cynthia was impressed. All counters were clean, and everything was done just as she would have done it. Typically Frank missed a few things. This kitchen fantasy adventure had upped his kitchen game. Serious motivation, apparently.

"Well done, pretty boy." She patted his ass. "Go get the strap-on."

Part 5 - Happily Bent Over the Sink

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