The Apron That Didn’t Do its Job

The apron helped!

The apron that helped Frank feel better about his cage.

Masturbation Month 2023 #13 - (Link to Part One)

Frank stepped into the kitchen and set his keys on the kitchen table.

"Welcome home, Sweetheart! You're early." Cynthia greeted him with a smile and a quick kiss on the lips.

He looked Cynthia up and down in wonder. That was a new set of lingerie he'd never seen before. The strappy pale pink bra and panties dressed up her ample curves and looked stunning against her light brown skin. Her black hair was pinned up on top of her head and she wore long pink sparkly earrings. The pink heels made her as tall as he was. Then he shook himself a little, intent on his task.

"Babe, I'm having a hard time with this arrangement... with the cage. I know I said a week, but I'm not so sure, now." Franks brows were drawn together. He didn't look happy.

"Ohhh! Are you okay, my sweet boy?" Her voice was full of concern. She turned down the pan on the stove, set the spoon down and came over to him. Frank closed his eyes for a moment as she approached to cut off the visual that was starting to turn him on.

"I'm okay, but this is... hard. Really hard. And I'm not just talking about my cock, either." His eyes were still closed. They both laughed and it eased the moment a bit.

Cynthia stepped around behind him, leaned in, wrapped her arms around him and just held him for a while. They stood there silently, and she could tell Frank was drinking it in. She thought this might happen. Then again, she had quite purposefully teased the fuck out of him last night. He'd done so well! But she could tell from his tone this morning that he was not having an entirely good time.

So, she took the day off work and made plans to help him feel better. But Frank didn't know that. This moment had to be handled very carefully.

"Listen, my love. If you want to take that cage off right now, you can. You totally can, seriously! But I do have a few surprises for you tonight that I think you will enjoy." She spoke in his ear softly, her chin on his shoulder.

Frank turned his head to look at her face and eyed her a little suspiciously, one eyebrow raised.

"Not like last night, Frank. Totally different. Last night I teased the fuck out of you."

"Yes, you did."

"You did incredibly well, my boy! I am so proud of you. But this fantasy of yours is for both of us, not just me. And I get that. So, tonight is for you, because last night was very much for me."


"Really. And that's all I'm going to tell you. I can take that cage off right now," she held the small key on her neck chain up for him to see - like he'd somehow forgotten it was there," and we can just enjoy dinner and forget about this for the rest of the week. On the other hand you can see what I have in store for you. Your choice."

"And while you are deciding, let me tell you what I made for dinner. Swordfish steaks marinated in teriyaki, with a melon jalapeño relish, and asparagus with sugar snap peas sauteed in butter. Sit and let me make you a drink, okay?"

"Okay. I'm not sure, honestly. I'm not sure what I want to do." Frank sounded hesitant, and a little tired. He sat at the kitchen table and loosened his tie while Cynthia started to make the drinks.

"That's okay! There's no hurry to decide. Hey, you want to take your suit off?"

"Great idea. Let me go do that." Frank got up to go down the hall and Cynthia headed him off, handing him something.

"You can change into this." She smiled at him.

Frank examined her offering. It was a completely sheer, silky apron that went around his waist and tied in back. There was no top part to it at all, and it wasn't that big. In other words, it would be like wearing nothing. The material felt so smooth, he couldn't wait to put it on. Significant improvement on his suit.

"So... If I put this on, do I still get to change my mind later if I want to?" He sounded wary, and clearly wanted to know if the gift came with strings.

"Of course!" She laughed while she said the words. Frank wasn't ready to laugh yet. Maybe the apron would help.

After shedding his suit, he stood for a moment and enjoyed his nakedness. The bedroom felt warm, and he realized Cynthia must have turned the heat up. Frank tied the apron around his waist and thought to himself for at least the hundredth time how soft and silky women's clothing felt. At least what society called women's clothing. Because really anyone could wear anything if they wanted to. He smoothed the ruffles down over his thighs and sighed. The fabric felt so good against his skin. He looked in the mirror and grinned. This was not an apron, really. In reality, this was a decoration. Frank felt flattered that Cynthia wanted to decorate him, honestly. He enjoyed feeling pretty and sexy for her. Another apron!

Okay, he was feeling a bit better. Now he wanted that drink and returned to the kitchen.

"Wow! That looks cute, sweet, and sexy as fuck! Do you like it?"

"I do Ma'am. I really do." And he smiled despite himself. Cynthia took note of his use of 'Ma'am' - she might just be able to turn this around after all.

Two fancy-looking green Melon Balls were at the table when Frank returned. He remembered they'd had those for the first time in Hawaii. Melon liquor, vodka, and pineapple juice. Cynthia had gone all out for dinner. Everything was ready, so they sat and drank, ate, and talked.

Halfway through his drink, Frank shared with her how desperate he'd felt to get his cage off and have an orgasm. He confessed he'd come home early to see if he could find the other key and had intended to enjoy himself if he'd found it. Cynthia thanked Frank for telling her, and expressed concern for him, questioning whether he'd decided to continue. He still wasn't sure.

By then, they'd finished dinner and Cynthia stood behind Frank, massaging his shoulders. He felt appreciated, cared for, and attended to.

"Can I be nosy and ask if there are more special things for me besides this amazing meal, this sexy apron, and this massage?" They both laughed.

"I see, weighing the pros and cons! Yes, there are definitely more things for you." He felt himself lean into keeping the cage on for one more night.

"Okay, Ma'am. Then let's do what you have planned. Thank you for not pushing me. Thank you for allowing me to choose about the cage." He looked down at his lap where a bit of teriyaki sauce had dripped on his lap and gone straight through the thin fabric to his thigh. And thank you for this decoration, 'cause it's not really a functional apron!" He grinned, "I love it." Cynthia smiled.

"May I enjoy another drink while I do the dishes. Please?"

"Absolutely, my boy. I'll leave it on the table for you. When you're done with the dishes, come find me in the bedroom, okay?

"Yes Ma'am."

Part 14 - Turnabout is Not Only Fair, it's Essential

Masturbation Month is celebrated every year in May. Let yourself sink into self-pleasuring and join the fun! Some of us keep an orgasm count. Ruby: 4

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