Podcast #98

I need a whole bunch of these....
I need a whole bunch of these....and a man to wear them.

Pegging Paradise Podcast #98


❤ Men can get yeast infections, too
❤ The boy toy turns into a boyfriend - love story!
❤ He loves it, but won't tell anyone for fear of judgment. He's asking all women to spread the word.
❤ Her boyfriend really wants it. She's scared it won't go right. Newbie info.
❤ He loves getting pegged by his girlfriend. Starting to think about guys. Confused.
❤ Suggestions for the Chronic constipation listener.
❤ RodeoH sizing is still....confusing
❤ Continued adventures from a pegging couple we've been following, including the best description of what pegging feels like that I have ever read.
❤ Wear those panties!
❤ A tale of trauma made less traumatic by pegging.
❤ A submissive lover of big toys and chastity writes in.
❤ He's ready to ask her about pegging and has some equipment questions.


Yeast infections in men

Pegging Information for Newbies
Map of the Prostate
Newbie Anal Play on Men
Keeping Clean
Newbie Positions

Pictures of Ruby Wearing a Strap-on
Here's one...
And Another
Here's a Few!
Oooo...Rear View
Like Pink?
A Flasher!
Another Rear View!
One More...

Cool Stuff to Buy
The Sweet Panties on the Man Up There ↑↑↑
Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo
Tantus Cock Rings

Equipment For Newbies (More Cool Stuff to Buy)
Spare Parts Joque harness
RodeoH Lace Panty Harness
Tantus Sport Dildo   (Review of the Sport)
Fuze Tango Double (Article about Doubles)
WeVibe Tango Bullet Vibe

 Don't forget to use the coupon code Ruby for 20% off!


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