This is it! Presenting Podcast #300 Part One!

Presenting Podcast #300
Presenting Podcast #300

Presenting Podcast #300! I am joined by Michelle Rene, sexual surrogate, sex worker, intimacy guide, human connection coach and creator of Soft Cock Week. We talk about many. many things. You will surely find some nuggets in there for yourself. Thanks for listening!


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Mr Hankeys

So many books to read and ideas to investigate with this episode. This is what it's like when Michelle and I get together, and we thought we'd give you a slice of Ruby/Michelle conversation to hopefully delight and inform. It's been a long road from my first poor audio quality podcast in 2012 to number 300 today. Thanks for downloading. Thanks especially for listening. On this occasion, if there's one thing that I would urge you all to remember, it would be to let go of shame.

In some areas of my life I feel like I've just gotten started, but there's no time like the present to explore, grow, and learn. Basically, it's never too late. Live your lives with love and embrace your desires, because we are only here for a short time. I say this emphatically, as a woman who just turned 66!

In each and every moment, we all have the choice to either expand with love or contract with fear. Therefore, don't let fear rule your life. Choose love! When you do, you give everyone else around you a chance to do the same.

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