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The Shooting Range

Would you ever go to a shooting range with me? Only if you wore panties and a chastity cage. Like I’d want anything else… They’ll be pink, with lace, and silky fabric that feels good against your ass. You will wish your cock could enjoy that silkiness, but alas; the cage. I’ll watch you bend …

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Day 21 – Dinner

I thought it was just dinner. Silly me. I mean, come on…I was knowingly engaging with a dominant woman who had a reputation in the community for the unexpected. Not non-negotiated or non-consensual, just unexpected. We’d already completed the negotiation stage. She knew my hard limits and I trusted her not to cross them. She …

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Day 19 – Tell Me Your Secrets

I strained against the ropes, begging with her. She had me so cranked up, Jesus! “Please…please!!” I was lying on my back on a sturdy stationary massage table, beside myself with a desperate need to come. Before I’d even gotten on the table, Sheri bent me over the side and matter-of-factly inserted my favorite ass …

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Day 12 – Tonight

She texted him right after lunch. Sexted him, actually. ~Hey handsome! I want your ass tonight. Whoa! That was the first time she’d ever been that direct about it. They’d been exploring pegging for a few months now, just 4 times so far. It was new territory and they were still a little shy about …

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My Muse

Valerie is a writer. She’s got a deadline to meet and she’s not at all pleased that her muse abandoned her right before her story was due. Now Jason has arrived for a hot, luscious weekend and she has to work! Her boy is willing to do anything to help. Valerie takes him up on that offer.
D/s, tease and denial, established couple
3600 sexy, titillating words!

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