Podcast #95


 Pegging Paradise Podcast #95

❤ More Butt Plug Talk! The Tantus Ryder
❤ Pegging Classes Dec 14th in Long Beach
❤ Rodeoh harness samples are being sent to me! (Excited)
❤ She's afraid he'll "go gay", What can he do?
❤ He's done everything but buy a harness and she's still not sure? Go for it!
❤ He caught my edge in an article - guilty as charged...
❤ Exit Only to Ass Master - A Pegging Story
❤ Swiss Pegging Ups and Downs - It's been a bit of a rocky road, but they made it through, with a flat-out sexy tumblr to show for it!
❤ Do prostate orgasms release the same chemicals in the brain as penile ones?


December 14th Class

Facebook Event Link Sunday Dec 14th 

Eventbrite Tickets for Classes Dec 14th


Convincing Her to Try It

Awesome Ass Men

The Magic Formula?

Persuading the Women

Butt Plug Options for wearing while PIV!


Non-Kinky Articles for women who think their guy will "go gay" from pegging

Pegging 101 (Un-Kinked) No, He's Not Gay

Clarity About Orientation

A Happy Fiancée 

More Not Gay

Nope, Not Gay


Swiss Couple's Blog! - To Fuck and to Hold Tumblr!!

Sliquid Silk Hybrid Lube - excellent for pegging



10 Responses

  1. Ruby, it was so exciting to hear our swiss story on your podcast! And thanks for your nice words about our tumblr! I’ll keep you updated. By the way, we’ve got Sliquid silk original, but we only tried it on me so far. My butt is very happy about it, it doesn’t dry out as waterbased lubes. I only wish it was a little thicker.

  2. About the gay thing. Some women have this logic: “if I refuse to fulfill his kinks – they’ll disappear”. And it never works that way. If you try to suppress a need or desire it will only grow. So her fear should be “if I don’t peg him – he’ll cheat, go to pro dom, trans lady or gay man, because I will leave him no other choice than to cheat on me or break up with me”. If she fulfills his desire they’ll be more compatible. And if he is gay or bi, it will come out anyway whether she pegs him or not.

    1. Yes – that’s the head in the sand choice. I believe kinks follow this rule – what you resist, persists. So yes – just because you don’t want to do it does not mean he’s going to forget about it, stop jerking off to thoughts of it, or stop watching porn of it…or even go find it elsewhere.

  3. Hey Ruby,

    I have a bit of a unique situation that might be interesting to bring up in your next podcast. I have this lover, a younger college guy who’s absolutely gorgeous and charming. Black hair, bright blue eyes, swimmers build, you get the picture. Though theres always been a bit of an issue with our sex life. He has a big stamina issue, and I’m not a size queen, but because of how I’m built I need something of substantial girth and length to get me off and his less than average size fails to provide that for me. However, we began pegging a while back and it has been a godsend for our sex life! With the right strapon, pegging gives me incredible orgasms. And since I’ve mastered my technique, I can give him mind blowing full body prostate orgasms nearly every time. Since we both love pegging so much, we do it all the time, typically in the morning and before we go to bed. However, I’ve become a bit worried that our frequent pegging and lack of PIV sex may be effecting him. I’m worried that he may be feeling a bit emasculated, and perhaps even embarrassed or humiliated. I’m definitely a dominant woman and dominant with my lover, but I have no desire to completely demoralize him and while I both enjoy and prefer him to be submissive with me, I still want him to feel content and confident within that submission.

    Do you have tips or advice?


      1. Thank you so much! After listening to the podcast I called him up and he came over to my place to talk about it. I know it gets said so many times but clear communication made such a big difference. Apparently this is an issue that he has also been thinking a lot about lately. He was pretty worried that the lack of PIV sex was a problem for me, and counter to my initial thoughts, he hadn’t thought much about how the issue effected himself. I prodded him and asked if he had been feeling emasculated, and to my surprise he said no. He acknowledged that his stamina and his size poses a huge problem to having enjoyable PIV sex. And I actually gained so much respect for him when he acknowledged this. Guys can have such a big complex when it comes to their penis size, and he told me that “look, I get it, my cock isn’t big enough for you, but my cock isn’t necessarily the most important member of every erotic moment that we share together.” I mean its pretty impressive for a very attractive 21 year old guy to be this open.

        So from there I introduced the idea of him wearing a strapon. And he loved it! He was really enthused about the idea, and suggested that we see if it would be plausible with the harness and one of the dildos that I have. So I brought it out, he stripped down to try it, and with his size it actually fit really well. Now the image of him wearing the harness was very arousing, so I promptly took him to the bedroom for a test run. The dildo he had on was my Colours Pleasures by NS Novelties, which at 8″x6″ is exactly what I need for PIV sex. I was in absolutely heaven, and he actually really enjoyed himself. It seemed that he got off on feeling that he had a big dick.

        I actually really liked the idea you suggested of using the same dildo, so when we were done, I put his face down in the bed and let him know it was my turn 🙂 We normally use the tantus slow drive, so this dildo was certainly a challenge for him. But I think theres something to be said about fucking a guy with a “big dick”

        I just want to thank you again for responding and giving your opinion and advice. At my age, its not so often a gorgeous young man walks into your life, and I really want to make sure that we remain lovers. Though had I not simply communicated with him like you advised, I could have easily seen the whole issue blowing up and harming our relationship.


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