Jun 25

Podcast #135



Pegging Paradise Podcast #135

❤ Another score for podcast #112 - They are pegging once a month!
❤ She discovered he plays himself but refuses her participation and won't be honest.
❤ During self play he experienced Multiple Prostate Orgasms, and it was very very wet!
❤ She has questions about strap-ons angles and positions
❤ In their late 60's, he describes their gradual progress towards pegging. You will wish you were them!
❤ He recommends Love, Communication, Trust and Lube
❤ Netherlands says slowly but surely they are getting there. She's still not ready yet. Help?
❤ She asked him. He said yes, and now describes it as very very intimate.
❤ He's late to the crossdressing podcast but loves his stockings! As a man. Ahem.
❤ Pegging Celebration Time!
❤ He asks for the music with an inFUCKINGcredible and a HOLY SHIT. A must listen!


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Aneros Prostate Massager
Aneros VIBRATING Prostate massager
Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo
Liberator Arche Pillow
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Podcast #112
Joan Price's Book - "Naked at Our Age"
Aneros Prostate Massage study

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Jun 19

(M)I’m Scared to Tell My (F)Partner


First of all...

You are not alone.

Certainly not alone in the sense of enjoying anal stimulation, and not alone in the sense of scared to tell your significant other. It can be a super scary thing, for a lot of reasons.

Telling your partner requires 3 things.

  • Communication
  • Information
  • Patience/Persistence

Do you two talk in bed?? Do you talk about sex? Do you tell each other what turns you on and how things feel and what you fantasize about? If you don’t, start right now. If you are not used to it, at first it will be hard to open your mouth and get the words out. Communicating about sex opens doors and brings you much closer together, beside adding a bit of titillation factor to both of your sex lives!
Does your wife know that prostate massage has been proven to help with a healthy prostate?
Here’s the study
Does she know that the prostate is capable of giving intense levels of pleasure, just like her G-Spot?
Does she know that pegging doesn’t have to be like pegging porn?
Does she know that you enjoying anal stimulation says nothing about your sexual orientation?
I created a podcast just for the women, to address all of their fears and concerns. I recommend you listen to it first, because only you can decide whether it’s right for your partner. Many men have had great success with it!

When you tell her about it, don’t present it all self-conscious like you have leukemia. Tell her you discovered something way cool – that you have another erogenous zone and you want nothing more to explore it with her. Be excited! Give her the information and then be patient for a few days. Ask again, no resentment, no impatience, just eagerness and curiosity whether she looked at the information or listened to the podcast. Be patient, but persistent. And above all, calm.

Of course you have fears! Among them...

  • She will think you are gay
  • She will think pegging will turn you gay
  • She won't respect you in the morning
  • She will tell her/your friends

The podcast will help a lot with all of these.

Because here's the thing...
Do you want to live the rest of your life never asking her? If she is down to try it, you could be enjoying pegging right now. And if she isn’t, then you at least asked. So many men wish they had not waited so long to ask their partners. Pegging is a very intimate act, so wouldn’t it be awesome to be doing it with the person you are the closest to in the whole world?

Now, if your partner is sexually inhibited, sexually conservative, sexually close-minded, and you only do it missionary position, no oral or anal, then perhaps it would not be a good idea to blow her out of the water with pegging. Only you can decide!

Good luck!

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Jun 18


rainbow flag half mastMany words have already been eloquently written about the horror, heartbreak and anguish of Orlando.

I offer a few of my own now. I want everyone to know where my support is, where this falls in my world.

I say to my LBGTQ+ community, I see you. You are the brave ones. And I am so sad and so sorry that it requires bravery just to be who you are in this world. I am quite clear that this was a direct attack on your community and my heart hurts for the pain you must all be in. I will never know the horrible discrimination and fear you face every day just for living your life the way you choose.

I am so thankful to know you all. You have been instrumental in the amazing expansion of my world is so many ways. In the end, it's all about acceptance and love. Thank you for showing me that, over and over, just by being exactly who you are.

Today, only six days after the attack, Wikipedia identifies this as the "deadliest incident of violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people in the history of the United States".

Let us never, ever forget that. My hope is that your tears, outrage and shock will combine with the tears, love and support of all of us who support and surround you, and together we become a force to be fucking reckoned with, insistent upon equality, insistent upon a world where we can all be who we are without fear. I will work towards that goal.

I have your backs. You have my love and support.



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Jun 11

Podcast # 134



Pegging Paradise Podcast #134


❤ Registration Button - Join the Forums!
❤ Podcast downloader apps list!
❤ He's reporting in for May challenge - driving was involved!
❤ Anal play blocks urethra, attenuates orgasm somehow...info?
❤ She finds pegging very empowering. And the threesome was awesome, too!
❤ My writings (and supportive wife) help him explore bi fantasies
❤ Pegging Celebration Time - Belated!
❤ She is loving her fake dick - the 'Contessa'!
❤ Despite information and reassurance, she seem stuck on the gay thing. Help!
❤ Over the counter med induces ED, intense orgasm results!
❤ They tried it. She doesn't enjoy it. What to do?
❤ After 20 years of an amazing marriage with no sex, he got the courage to speak up. She's listening!


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Jun 07

Search Term Issue

No Ass Sign red circle and slash

how to make a straight man accept that he craves or enjoys anal penetration

The phrasing concerns me, here...

Answer: You cannot MAKE anyone do anything. Some men enjoy anal penetration. Some men don't.

You can give your partner links or information if you think they don't know enough about it to make a choice, and you can talk with them about it to offer that information. You can also talk with them and let them know how much you'd like to try it. If he keeps saying no, you need to let it go and move on.

Respect his answer if he says he will never be into it. Just like you want him to accept your answer if he asks you to do something you won't consider. That's called respect.

You do not know what is best for your partner! Only they do!


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Jun 05

Ryan Reynolds, You Rascal…

Just go to 9:25 and listen carefully to the question and answer...
Thank you, Ryan Reynolds, for helping to make pegging more mainstream, normal, no big deal.

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Jun 03

Photo for You!

Mistress Kawaii of Portland

Mistress Kawaii of Portland

Saw this on FetLife and just had to share it with you. Photographer is "Beneath the Veil" and the model is none other than Mistress Kawaii, a Pro Dom and Fetish Model in Portland. I obtained permission from them both to post this here for your viewing pleasure. Because I've certainly had the pleasure of staring at it for a while now. I love everything about this photo. The colors, her figure, the red lipstick (!), the fingernail polish that matches, the expression on her face, how she's holding her cock. Truly stunning.

Here's her website: http://kawaii666.com/

And here is her message for you all:

Spoil Me! I love gifts. I offer a personalized photo of the items that are ordered.

To get an even closer look into my daily life, follow me on twitter, instagram periscope!




Like and subscribe to my YouTube channel! Here are a few videos:



Mistress Kawaii


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Jun 01

Masturbation Month Finale



The unexpected. When gender expectations come into play. A beautiful soft-faced woman wearing ultra-feminine, lacy lingerie, pulled up to reveal a strap-on with a huge black dildo. Love this!

Pegging is about fucking (literally) with gender norm expectations, after all. No wonder I love the contrast between masculine and feminine so much. Really thrills me!

So for this orgasm...the one I got to have after three days of edging, yeah. This contrast thing came into play. My mind went back to (once again) the hunk of a man who made my Friday night such a hot beginning to DomCon. My time with him is the gift that keeps on giving, I tell you.

His muscular ass, the way those panties hugged his cheeks. The pleasure he took in wearing them. So much yumminess. So much. I fucked that man for a long time. He asked for a bigger toy twice. And because I was there at DomCon teaching, I had my toys, right? How convenient!

He was so relaxed and made some beautiful noises. It all made me so wet. He made me wetter later when he fucked me, then held me close and played my G-Spot like a boss.

All of those things were replaying in my mind as my fingers played in my lady parts. No Magic Wand this time. Just me and my bits. Still, I drew it out a little longer. Because those memories are so fucking hot.

When I finally came, I was thankful to be alone. Because I was loud. Oh so loud. And it lasted a long, blissful time.

Thank you. Masturbation Month. Thank you readers/listeners who have been playing along with me. Thank you, Joycelyn Elders, who Masturbation Month honors. Thank you to this body that is so capable of feeling pleasure. And thanks to the man who graced my bed that Friday night.

I love my life!


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May 31

Day 31, Orgasm 17



I was thinking about my Friday night during DomCon.

Playtime with a hunk of a man.

I put a pair of my black satin lace-trimmed panties on him. They looked sexy as fuck. They felt even better, running my hands over his ass, his cock. Those panties stayed on him all night. I pulled them up to bare his cheeks when I beat him. I pulled them down when I fucked him. I big-spooned him, feeling the satin, soaked by both of us, feeling the sweat between us.

Perhaps this was not the best thing to be thinking about when I edged, because it was damn difficult to not come for those 15 minutes that felt like an eternity. There was a moment when I thought that my definition of when to end this could be that the 31st was the last day...so technically I could come. But I resisted! (cheering)

Really looking forward to tomorrow night!


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May 30

Day 30, Orgasm 17



So much fun in this pic.

Imagine if it were a socially acceptable and perhaps even common thing to do, to wear a strap-on to a party as a sign that you are up for some fun, or maybe just horny. The experience of feeling a cock hard against your leg would be something anyone could experience. That thrill of knowing you are desired, that gentle nudge of passion.

Many moons ago...I dated a man whose cock had remarkable repeat abilities. We met for hot hotel sex. I counted the number of orgasms he had from the moment we checked in early, to the moment, still smelling of sex, we threw everything into our suitcases 10 minutes before checkout time about 22 hours later. Six. Six!

So that's a fun teaser for a more detailed story and all, right? But here's the relevancy.

He walked me to my car and kissed me goodbye. And got hard against my leg. Fucking hot.

This night, the second edging night, I got a little carried away. Not meaning that I went over that orgasmic edge, no. But when that phone timer went off, I slapped it to shut it up and continued playing for another 10 minutes. Twenty-five minutes of edging! Good times.

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