May 24 2010

How Many?

A man who has not tried pegging but wants to, when asked what is it about the act that interests him: “Well, I figure 150 million gay guys can’t be wrong.” According to Wiki Answers, his estimate was conservative. How many gay guys are there in the world? Ruby Ryder

May 19 2010

No Pushing

Patience is apparently the order of the day… Yes, I could push hard with no thought for your ease and quality of experience and shove this website into functionality today. But believe me, you will derive greater enjoyment from the finesse and style with which the final product finally slides into being. You will be …

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May 17 2010

Aural Erotica

Memories…of your smooth body, shivering under my fingers. You undulate to meet my caresses, trying to get the most sensation possible from each finger as it slips inside you; you want it so much. New territory for you, unexpected…yet shockingly pleasurable. You come back for more, ask for it, welcome it…welcome the thrills. I stand …

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May 13 2010

The Obvious Question

So why Pegging? I’ve asked myself that many times. Sometimes there is an obvious connection to a kink, a shining, thrilling  moment in your past when events and surroundings combined in an obvious manner that you can look back at and say “Ah! That first time I got to put my hands on a girl’s …

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May 11 2010

I am a Writer…of Erotica.

Watching the crimson clouds of the sunset decorating the sky outside my window, at long last I ask myself the question it has taken me years to consider. What better job is there than writing…about…Sex? Sex! In all its warm, wet lusciousness and hard, quivering pleasure. Erotica has always been the furtive lover I held …

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Pegging Paradise